Fused Glass Artwork

I love working in glass.  My workshop is my sanctuary where I can contemplate the myriad of possibilities that can be achieved with kiln formed glass.  Choosing the colors, textures, forms and design aspects that will translate into a unique finished piece is my creative goal.  Check out my gallery and contact me with any questions.

Round plate-B-W-pattern bars-pot melt(1)



The story of Glass by Cheryl began when I took my first kiln-formed fused glass class in 2006.  I was immediately intrigued by the myriad of possibilities to create unique glass art pieces.  Learning to incorporate colors and the various types of glass so they compliment each other resulting visually pleasing forms.  I enjoy creating glass works that can be functional as well as a piece of art.  I continue to experiment with new glass techniques and find the processes both challenging and rewarding.  


Examples of different glass techniques

Crackle - orange-purple plate.JPG
Round shallow bowl-blues-lavendar-white
Square plate-irid-Dragonfly-8 inch (4).j

Crackle Technique utilizes powdered glass layered on fiber blanket - a water mist is applied & the fiber blanket is shaped to create the desired crackle design

Pot Melt Technique

is achieved by combining varying glass color combinations & heating them in a container with openings to allow the molten glass to pour spiral patterns onto the base piece

Bubble Technique is created by using stringers or bubble powder on the base piece to create an image or pattern and then capped with a top piece of glass - iridized glass was used on this example