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Once I start designing a piece, I consider how the elements, colors, light, and design, as well as the chemical compositions of the glass will translate into the finished artwork.   You can obtain beautiful results in glass being always mindful of the effects of temperatures and the right timing of kiln schedules necessary to obtain the desired result.    Then the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

My journey into glass fusing began in 2006 with my first class at Phoenix College. The first

thing I learned was you must be patient with glass heat work which often requires long kiln

schedules and several times in the kiln before you have a finished piece. I find intriguing the

aspects of glasswork that include the consideration of form, color and design. I have continued

to expand the various glass techniques that I incorporate into my work with an eye toward a

marriage of the aesthetic and technical. I strive to make every piece a unique expression in glass.


Much of the time, I am following my own thoughts and ideas to create a new glass project. I

have also enjoyed the collaboration with individual collectors in the creative process for

commissioned art glass pieces for specific events and celebrations. As my experience with glass

has expanded, so have my horizons for future works.

Art Exhibitions

2006 – “Holiday D’Arte”, two-artist exhibition, Artist’s Studio, Peoria, Arizona

2010 – “Miller-Higuchi Exhibition”, Sedona Center for the Arts, Community Gallery

2012 - "Tres Hearts" 3-person exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona

2012 - Sunnylope Art Walk, multi-artist exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona

2013 - Phoenix Center for the Arts, Juried Exhibition

2017 - Phoenix Center for the Arts, Juried Exhibition

2019 - Phoenix Center for the Arts Festival

Gallery Representation

Jewelry Designs by Owen

Storm Wisdom

Bisbee Main Gallery




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Arizona State University

Associate Arts, Grossmont College, San Diego, California

Phoenix College, 4 semesters fused glass classes

Phoenix Center for the Arts, 4 fused glass classes

Southwest Art Glass, Organic Powders Workshop

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